07 February 2010

Where are the oldest .COM domains today?

Network World recently ran an article on notable 25-year anniversaries in tech. One such anniversary is the registration of the first dot-com domain names. Here's the list; I found it interesting to discover where these domains are today:

  1. symbolics.com - the personal blog of a domain name speculator
  2. bbn.com - still in use by BBN, which is now a part of Raytheon
  3. think.com - redirects to thinkquest.com, Oracle's education foundation
  4. mcc.com - parked, domain owner's identity is protected
  5. dec.com - no server, domain owned by Hewlett-Packard
  6. northrop.com - still in use by Northrop-Grumman, redirects to northropgrumman.com
  7. xerox.com - still in use by Xerox
  8. sri.com - still in use by SRI International
  9. hp.com - still in use by Hewlett-Packard
  10. bellcore.com - no server, domain owned by Telcordia
  11. ibm.com - still in use by IBM
  12. sun.com - still in use by Sun (Oracle), redirects to oracle.com
  13. intel.com - still in use by Intel
  14. ti.com - still in use by Texas Instruments
  15. att.com - still in use by AT&T
  16. gmr.com - no server, domain owned by GM Research and Development
  17. tek.com - still in use by Tektronix
  18. fmc.com - still in use by FMC Corporation
  19. ub.com - redirects to ultimatebet.com, an online gambling site
  20. bell-atl.com - no server, domain owned by Verizon
Funny that Oracle and HP each own two of the original 20 dot-coms by now, while five - a full 25% - of the original dot-com domains are no longer in use.