02 June 2005

Mutually opposing forces and the possibilities of reconciliation

Present vs. Future
Mind vs. Body
Us vs. Them
Family vs. Stranger
Anger & Fear vs. Love & Peace
Work vs. Home
Protection vs. Independence
Faith vs. Disillusionment
Responsibility vs. Procrastination
Solipsistic enclosure vs. Social interaction

Are the above all analyzable as "cases where the reconciliation lies in
extending the viewpoint to new dimensions"?

The tension between the demands of "now" and the needs of "the future" is
tremendous. But by adopting a 4th-dimensional point of view, the difference
between future and now is seen to be illusory.

Can this concept be extended to the other dichotomies explored above? Does
this mean the ultimate point of view which can resolve all dichotomies is an
infinite-dimensional "phase space" cosmos? And if so ... How can we mere
humans contemplate this?

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