28 July 2005



A young man named Cholmondeley Colquhoun
Kept as a pet a babolquhuon
His mother said: "Cholmondeley
Do you think it quite colmondeley
To feed your babolquhuon with a spolquhuon?

...unfortunately inspired my own variations...

There once was a dog at the lb.
Who could speak! Thus did problems comlb.
For the dogcatcher there,
Who was forced in despair
To listen to Fido exlb.


There once was a Cardinal Wojtyła
Who became Pope, the Church’s renyła.
As John Paul II
His fate thus was reckoned.
Now in heaven his worries are fyła.


There was an old hare with a ct.
And two sons who stood to inherit.
The first took an oz.
But the elder did poz.
For the bunny did not want to share it.