27 February 2006

DMC and McLachlan: Cat's in the Cradle

Powerful. powerful story:

In 1997, hip hop legend Darryl McDaniels should have been riding high. Run-DMC was touring Europe after a remix put them back atop the charts, and money was rolling in. Instead DMC found himself alone in a hotel room, contemplating suicide. Coping with vocal troubles and creative differences with his group, he found no joy in the spoils of the rap game. Poison, a bullet, a giant leap were all options he considered. As he now recalls it, it was a song by Sarah McLachlan, "Angel," that brought him back from the edge.


After learning he was adopted, D approached Sarah McLachlan about collaborating on Chapin's classic, "Cats in the Cradle." Not only did she agree but D's musical `hero' let him in on a secret that would further cement their connection: she, too, was adopted.

More here. Very powerful indeed. Glad to see a very positive, very pro-life message coming from the music world.