11 January 2007

Q-Wand Clippings

Jack removed the two-foot-long metallic rod from the sheath strapped to his belt. Holding it just a little farther away from his body than seemed natural, he slid a switch on its side, activating it with a crackling sound. Immediately a disc of fuzzy gray brightness about 6 inches across appeared at the business end of the Wand, perpendicular to the shaft. Jack touched the Wand to the cinder block outside wall of the bank, where a deep gouge immediately appeared. Grayish dust cascaded out from the gouge and there was an acrid smell of ozone and other unpleasant but less readily identifiable odors. As easily as he might have used a crayon, Jack painted the tip of the Wand on a broad area of the wall, which simply vanished as it crumbled away. Within seconds he could see the vault room of the bank.

"Hey! You there!" Jack turned to see a uniform running at him. "Drop what you're holding and get on the ground!" Jack instead pointed the Wand right at the guard and twisted its knurled base. The fuzzy gray brightness expanded to a 4-foot diameter sheet and the ozone smell increased considerably. Jack walked right at the guard.

"Drop that! Drop it and get down! Sir, you need to get down!" The guard's gun was drawn now, and as Jack neared him he nervously raised the pistol into firing position. "I'm warning you! This is your last chance! Drop it!" Jack didn't stop. The guard squeezed the trigger once, twice, three times.

Jack just kept approaching. The guard's aim had been true, but when the bullets hit Jack's improvised shield they just vanished with no trace or fanfare. Two more shots fired to no effect, and then Jack was on him. First the guard lost his hand, dark gray ashes falling to the ground below the fresh stump of his right arm. It took him a moment to realize this had happened, and then he started screaming though there was no pain. The screaming stopped soon after when the guard lost his face and most of his skull. The disgustingly twitching corpse fell heavily. Jack dialed back the Wand a bit and swiftly turned the murder evidence into just a pile of that crumbly gray ash.

Quantum particle stochastization randomizes the position and momentum vectors of all bosonic matter within the Hopkins field. Stochastization parameter range for position is from zero to approximately the Higgs-effect radius, about 80 μm. Parameter range for momenta is zero to approximately .2 kg m/s in any random direction. The field is directly effective on individual bosonic particles and immediate.

The stochastized matter which results is in a highly unstable state initially, rapidly falling to a metastable state with typical discharge of photons with range of energies. Initial analysis of the photonic discharge indicates that this the radiation does not have a black-body distribution, but further research is needed to characterize the spectra. The metastable remaining matter is of course effectively random in elemental composition, with stable isotopes favored. Bulk properties are unusual and present an ashy appearance of unremarkable color.

Varese Technologies Announces Q-Wand™ Prototype Delivery
(September, 2015, Dublin, OH) Varese Technologies, a leader in macroquantum applications, today announced the delivery of the Q-Wand prototype design to the US Department of Defense. The Q-Wand utilizes Varese's proprietary quantum stochastization field technology in a device format suitable for military tactical operations. "The Q-Wand represents a 'quantum leap' forward in practical applications of this exciting new technology area in our patent-pending Eigenfield™ format," says Varese President Thomas K. Canelfield. "We're excited by the opportunity to work with the Department of Defense Advanced Research Program on this project."...