30 December 2008

Post-release blues

Well, I'm home and the organ's working. I'm still not well yet, of course, and it seems I'm experiencing a bit of the post-surgery blues. This is to be expected, and I've got psychiatric medications just for the trick. Essentially, though, I've been psyching myself up for months now to "get the transplant" - now I've got the transplant and still have a bit of healing and normalization to do. So it's a bit anticlimactic right now. I'm home but can't lift anything or climb stairs, so no sleeping in my own bed yet...

Some things are still rough: still have some drainage from the incision, lots of abdominal swelling, not sleeping at night, painful micturition, a low-grade fever in the nights. Some things are going well: the organ is making LOTS of urine, my blood pressure is doing much better, the swelling is going down every day. I know it's just a matter of time. Monica is taking very good care of me.

UPDATE: Let me expand. On the one hand, I am bloated, sore, wet, tired and none of those things make anybody feel good. Not sleeping in your own bed for going on 2 weeks is difficult too. They shot me full of steroids which put me into a horrible cranky mood. On the other hand, I know that this is a step along the way, and that all the signs are going in the right direction: my blood work, my pee, the amount of pain I have, etc. It's all going according to expectations, I'm just anxious.