20 December 2008

Ready for admission

The nurse coordinator from OSU transplant called yesterday with admitting instructions. Shark and I are to report to OSU at noon on Monday. She gave the usual instructions to bring a list of my medications (a long list indeed), loose confortable clothing, a robe, pajama bottoms, and slippers. After admission, I'll be taken to the 9th floor until I'm taken to surgery early Tuesday morning. Surgery should last about 3 hours for each of us.

After surgery I'll be in the "special care unit" (4-bed mini-ICU for organ recipients) for 24 hours so the doctors and nurses can play with all the tubes they've inserted into me. They'll bring Shark down to see me on that night. We will be in different rooms post-surgery so that, in the words of the nurse, we can each concentrate on our own recovery.

She said I'll be staying in the hospital for 4 days after the surgery...meaning I should be home on Saturday! Woo hoo!