02 February 2009


Back on the Chain Gang
Back to School
Back in Black
Back in the Saddle
Back in the High Life

Tomorrow will be six weeks after my transplant. I went back to work today. My children and my wife are ecstatic: sick of me I suppose. I know I'm sick of not using my brain, and I'm getting cabin fever, and I'm getting sick of just sitting around here. So instead I'll go sit around in my office. Physically the work was not a problem and I felt just fine. Admittedly my job is sedentary, but still, no blood pressure problems (too high nor too low), no fluid retention, no fever, no nothing. Excellent!

The work day was low-key, especially since I spent most of my time digging through mountains of e-mail and snail mail. No voice mail though, I turned off my mailbox.

So, here we go. The first phase of recovery is over, and I'm a breadwinner again. On to the second phase, which will consist of optimizing my physical condition. AKA getting buff!!