10 August 2009

A short update

The news after the last update has been rather anticlimactic. My lab tests have revealed that my fasting glucose is indeed impaired, but that it's not what you'd call diabetes. At least, no one has given me that diagnosis yet. So, I'm proceeding as expected, reducing my sugars and starches and trying to make sure I get enough exercise. It'll be good for me to do those things anyway.

The condition is exacerbated by the steroids I take. I've been taking some level of prednisone every day for about 18 years now. My dose has been small, 7.5 mg, for the past few years. The consensus of all my doctors is that even this dose needs to be gradually reduced and ideally eliminated, and I agree. Long-term steroid use is bad for you, just ask A-Rod.

There's a drawback to weaning off steroids, though. If you take steroids long enough, your adrenal glands (which produce your body's own steroids) stop working; they figure, hey, why should I bust my ass makin' hormones when there are so many around already? Then when you reduce your steroids, your adrenals aren't there to do the job. This can cause bouts of joint pain, funny pulse and blood pressure, and mood swings.

Pretty damn bad mood swings. From what I understand, chemically it's similar to premenstrual hormone imbalances. That's right, I've been PMS'ing for the past month.

All kidding aside, my wonderful and beautiful wife and children have had to live with my mood swings and ill temper for the last month. This really bothers me, but I'm optimistic that the mood swings will end as my system equalizes.

That's all for now, comrades.

Ad astra per aspera!