06 October 2009

Interesting NAC-related tidbit

I noticed via VentureLoop today (a great resource for filling and finding jobs at venture-funded companies) that Infoblox is on a hiring spree. Infoblox makes products to help manage DNS and DHCP, two of the core protocols of the Internet -- and in fact of all modern corporate networks as well. They have some fairly senior positions open, such as "Principal Software Engineer" and "Senior Product Manager", and sales positions in Europe. Sequoia Capital, a very well-respected VC firm (with a fantastic web site, by the way!), is backing them.

The network access control (NAC) angle is that Infoblox also has some very interesting DHCP/DNS security mechanisms and interfaces, including NAC. DHCP is, in itself, an insecure protocol even though it is in widespread, in fact nearly universal, use. Infoblox added some capabilities to allow DHCP to be made more secure. They weren't the only ones to do this, of course. And Infoblox is looking fairly successful for a combination of reasons (great leadership team, great field team), not that one particular feature. But I'm glad to see some capital flowing into the IP network management space, and some hiring going on as well.

Nice to see some stars shining through the smog of the downturn!